The Nordic Netflix account shared a fun video of Haas F1 pair Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, shot as promotion for Drive to Survive Season 2.

While the whole word is facing the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix Nordics released a fun video featuring the Haas F1 Team pair Grosjean and Magnussen. The segment seems to have been shot for the local fans to promote Drive to Survive Season 2.

Haas had a full episode dedicated to them, thanks to all what happened with the American F1 team in 2019, where it went from a superb high of 2018 to a monumental low. Guenther Steiner – already loved by most – was key personnel for the show’s success.

The episode also feature the saga with Rich Energy which added to the problems for Haas. After their departure, the American team is back to its old self for 2020 F1 season. The Netflix Nordics video showcases Grosjean testing Magnussen in a game.

It is dubbed as ‘How Nordic Are You?’ where Grosjean is asking Magnussen several questions and a meter is judging the Dane as per his answers. It is purely a fun segment from Netflix – as mentioned above – more so to promote their show.

Here’s the video:


While watching and sharing this video, it came my mind that with the 2020 F1 season on hold, this could be a good time for Netflix and the sport to come together and release footage which didn’t make it to the final Drive to Survive cut.

That is if work can still happen on it remotely. As consumers look for things to watch during isolation and television and internet takes forefront, Netflix and F1 may have a good chance to showcase bits which can be shown as it will be welcomed hugely by the fans.

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