Netflix has released a feature ‘Uppity’ on William T. Ribbs who is the first black American racing driver to have competed in Indy500 despite the odds against him.

Part of a slew of motorsport-related documentaries and films released lately – particularly by Netflix – a documentary named ‘Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story’ has come out, which, as the title suggests, tells the tale of the first black driver to race in the Indy500.

The documentary – directed by Adam Carolla, Nate Adams, and Mike Adams – follows Ribbs from his rebellious childhood in which he would steal his parents’ Ford Cortina, through his journey in Formula Ford in Britain, his struggle to find his feet in America, and his fight against racism in NASCAR.

From there, Ribbs himself, as well as other cast members, including Marshall Pruett, Bernie Ecclestone, Chris Miles, Wally Dallenbach, Al Unser Jr, David Hobbs, Robby Unser, Bobby Unser, Ian Brown, Pat McFall, Paul Riley, Donald Davidson, Derrick Walker, and Tommy Kendall all narrate the story of his career in Trans Am, and ultimately IndyCar.

Through it all, Ribbs faced discrimination – even several years after abolition of black slavery –  and even several forms of sabotage, some performance-based, and others life-threatening – but all from members of Ribbs’ very own team.

The film was produced by Chassy media, and has a run-time of 109 minutes. It is available on Netflix as the online streaming service pump up motorsport-related stories. Here’s a trailer of Uppity – we are sharing a link as the video is not showing up:

Here’s the link where you can watch the documentary:

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