Haas’ Kevin Magnussen and AlphaTauri’s Daniil Kvyat featured on F1 Live chat on Instagram for this week as they opened up on multiple topics.

The first F1 Live chat on Instagram had Magnussen talking about his whereabouts in Denmark, where he is living with his wife. He recalls how the situation was in Australian GP and the disappointment of not racing, even though he thinks it was a right call.

They discussed about the lockdown and how difficult it has been for the older generation, even within his family. They looked at an Instagram photo uploaded by Magnussen about Hollywood actor Sylvestor Stallone and the racing movie on him.

They also looked at a video of Singapore, where he has the fastest laps in the last two events and a video of his podium with McLaren in Australian GP. Magnussen noted how close he was to race in WEC and also DTM before eventual F1 return with Renault.

He noted that IndyCar was not happening due to the late decision by McLaren. Talking about ESports, Magnussen said he was open to race but he preferred karting for training purposes, although, he revealed that he has done some racing with dad Jan.

Among an important topic, Magnussen defended his style of racing as he felt that in midfield, the need to flex some elbows to score handy points. At the same time, he said, he enjoyed fights with Fernando Alonso, Antonio Felix da Costa and Dennis Lind.

Magnussen also recalled the famous door-break from 2019 British GP as he finished the chat talking about the memory with Sir Stirling Moss. Post the chat with Dane, Will Buxton had Kvyat on a different day, who spoke from his house in Monaco.

They started with chat about the lockdown and how he is holding up with discussions on guitar as well. On the ESports side, Kvyat revealed that he has a simulator but he doesn’t fancy the Virtual GP but more of trying different cars and circuits.

He noted that he has tried the longer version of Nurburgring. They looked at an old video of him boxing as they also reflected back on the 2019 German GP, where he scored a podium, his first since returning to F1. They looked at AlphaTauri’s new designs.

Talking about his best overtaking moves, Kvyat couldn’t recall a lot apart from his fight with Kimi Raikkonen in 2019 Spanish GP and Nico Hulkenberg in 2019 Abu Dhabi GP. They also discussed his new haircut with the beard of Magnussen talked upon too.

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