Sebastian Vettel expanded on his scooter chase to search his bag that was stolen during the F1 Spanish GP weekend.

Post the F1 Spanish GP weekend, Aston Martin confirmed that Vettel had a scooter chase to search his stolen bag from his car near the hotel. He found his headphones via a tracker but the thieves had discarded the AirPods for the German to not catch them.

Vettel filed a complaint with the case ongoing. During the Monaco GP, he revealed what happened and that he found the headphones in a flower pot. In terms of the contents inside the bag, he initially thought there were documents but fortunately there weren’t.

“I was checking out in the morning from the hotel and had my bag in the car,” said Vettel. “And when I just quickly went back in and came back out the bag was gone. So after a while, I realised I had my headphones in the bag and I could locate them. I found the headphones but didn’t find the bag. So it was not really a chase.

“But yeah, obviously a bit disappointed to lose the bag. The AirPods were in the bag, but then once I found them they were in a flowerpot. So I guess the person who stole it, he or she knew exactly that you can be tracked. As for the chase, I wanted my bag. That was all there was in my mind there was not much valuables.

“I wasn’t sure at the time whether my passport was in there or not. As it happened, it was in another bag. So I was lucky. But I had like ID and insurance card, driver’s licence, that just boring stuff that takes time to get back and you have to apply and fill out the forms. I wasn’t looking forward to that. Unfortunately, there was no money in there. I had some bandages in there for the knee.

“So I guess whoever picked the backpack wasn’t a great deal, because the only thing that was valuable maybe was the headphones, which he had to sort of lose, not to be found. But I really liked the backpack, though, that I didn’t think of… I was just going there to see if I could spot somebody and maybe nick it back, you know, just ‘tchoo’ and then jump back on the scooter. But nobody there, so..,” summed up Vettel.

Here’s Aston Martin confirming of the chase from Sebastian Vettel