Frederic Vasseur and Antonio Giovinazzi already cleared out any of the differences after his drop from F1 team as the Italian adds more on future.

Last month, it was announced that Giovinazzi was to be replaced in 2022 by Alfa Romeo. It wasn’t that big a surprise to the F1 fraternity but what sadly followed was a social media “rant” from the Italian about Formula One’s positiveness but then gave vent to his feelings regarding money within the sport and the ruthlessness of same.

It was possibly and probably said in the heat of the moment. His soon to be ex boss Vasseur was not a happy individual. At the outset, quite annoyed but then the Frenchman put himself in the driver’s shoes and can see why it occurred.

They even discussed about professionalism. “You can imagine that I was not very happy but on the other hand I can understand that it was quite emotional for him, that we had a discussion, now he knows perfectly that he has to stay focused on the next two events, that it will be important for him, that motor sport is a small world,” said Vasseur.

“If he wants to come back in F1 he has to show that the motivation and pace are still there. But now regarding the fact that motor sport is driven by sponsors, it’s not new, I think every single team from the grid, they have sponsors, they have finance and that we have to deal with, but we all have the same target at the end, to perform and it’s part of the job,” summed up Vasseur, who has had a good relation with Giovinazzi.

For Giovinazzi, a bit of a knuckle rap, and overall he had an okay tenure in the sport. Regarding his comments, he moved quickly to defend himself and advise over his level of professionalism thus far which was raised by some quarters.

“I think I have been professional in these last few years, and I will be professional these last few races,” said Giovianzzi. “So, nothing to add to be honest. With myself I’m happy, and I think I feel that I’ve been professional in these last few years, and will be in the last three races.”

Outside of F1, he is going to be busy. He already has a Formula E seat secured with Dragon Penske for 2021/22 season but has one eye on Ferrari F1 reserve role and also a possible Hypercar drive when the Italian manufacturer makes its presence in 2023.

“About Hypercar, Ferrari will go on in 2023, so there is no news yet about this,” said Giovinazzi. “But so far what I know that I will do FE, and it’s a great championship, I will enjoy that. Plus we are trying to stay here as well, like a third driver in Ferrari. And see what what will happen in 2022. For sure, WEC is one that championship that I would like to join. But it is too early to know and to decide.”

The story was written by Neil Farrell

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