Unilever has formed a partnership with McLaren from 2020 F1 season onward after ending its five-year long association with Williams Racing.

FormulaRapida.net noted that Unilever/Rexona had left Williams when the F1 team announced an extension with Sofina Foods. The brand was no longer featured on the outfit’s website and it eventually confirmed on Friday about its departure.

Just with that, McLaren announced Unilever as its Technical Partner, in a multi-year deal, starting from 2020 F1 season. The Woking-based team noted about three key areas of development and innovation through the partnership, which goes:

  • Engineering to improve performance and energy efficiency through areas such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, and build deeper insights into material science
  • Digital to augment and enhance capabilities in areas such as sensor technology and analytics of complex systems
  • Talent through broadening rotational placements, mentorships, inclusivity programmes and the co-creation of an Engineering Academy

The deal is similar to what it had with Williams to a certain extent as Unilever supported the team’s Engineering Programme, which McLaren will kick-start as well, for identifying the best talent and providing them a path towards their dream job.

Upon the announcement, Zak Brown, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Racing said: “McLaren and Unilever are two organisations with a global reputation for innovating, inspiring and leading in the technology industry.

“For more than 50 years, McLaren has been an innovator in engineering and the driving force behind cutting-edge technological firsts and pioneering breakthroughs. This partnership allows us to share knowledge and expertise between two global organisations, developing in integral areas to both businesses.

“We are looking forward to starting this partnership in the 2020 season.” At the same time, Dave Penrith, Chief Engineer, Unilever added: “This is a very exciting partnership for both Unilever and McLaren.

“Together we will use our combined efforts to solve both current and future challenges with some of the best engineering minds in the world, and also develop the next level of talent within our companies.

“The application of McLaren technology and culture will be an important component as we make our business ever more agile, sustainable and responsive to customers and consumers.”

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