Yuki Tsunoda pleased with another points result in F1 Belgian GP as he notes of the happiness of passing Pierre Gasly.

It was a sound start from AlphaTauri’s Tsunoda in F1 Belgian GP where he ran as high as sixth showing his competitiveness in the early part of the grand prix. Even though he dropped out of that position later on but he had enough legs to be in the Top 10.

It was looking like to be a better result but he lost out towards the end which was still fine for Tsunoda after some struggles in greasy conditions. “Really, really happy,” he said to media. “First of all, team did a fantastic job, car was flying and actually we’re aiming, the setup we were aiming for was Sunday.

“So I knew we gonna struggle in the rain [on Friday and Saturday]. But still in rain was not too bad, and [I was] able to put it into P11 and able to maximize the car performance. Like th start was good, especially first stint we were flying, I think quite matching Aston pace.

“And I think that first stint was kind of key to score the point, because Alpine was still much faster than us. But yeah, still we had ebough to finish P10, so good. So yeah, happy, and especially the last couple of races I struggled a lot, and sprint was a really horrible day.

“So yeah, it’s a definitely happy positive way to finish into the summer break,” summed up Tsunoda, who was happy to pass his former teammate Gasly. He wanted to wave him as a joke considering that he has overtaken him a lot of times.

“I’m happy,” said Tsunoda. “I was thinking if I would wave to him or not. Because most of the time he overtakes me, so finally I was able to overtake him in a race especially for all these years, he overtakes me almost every race.

“It was a little frustrating thing but I was feeling a bit of enjoyable, had a little flashback of last two years that he gave he a lot of knowledge, positive knowledge and experience with me and without him I wouldn’t have this performance now. So I enjoyed it.”

Here’s Alpine pair of Belgian GP