Franz Tost praises Pierre Gasly for a year on year improvement not just on the racing side but also behind the scenes F1 work.

It’s been well documented over the last few weeks that 2021 was the best season so far for Rouen’s favourite son, Gasly. A good consistent season he had last year. He also became the team lead at AlphaTauri, he rose to the occasion and led rookie Yuki Tsunoda by example.

He had some impressive consistency during the season, his qualifying was particularly worth watching during the year also. But it is not just driving an AlphaTauri where he is impressive but his knowledge outside of driving; in short: driving debriefing, technical aspects and aerodynamics.

“He has continuously improved his performance, year by year and you can hear in the debriefs when he is talking about the car, about the technical side,” said AlphaTauri team boss Tost. “He now has the experience and it’s important for a driver to understand, especially nowadays, these complicated cars and with the power unit and everything to get everything optimised.

“He has now reached a very high level of knowledge regarding the aerodynamic side, the mechanical side but also from the power unit side, he does many changes in the cockpit from his side to optimise the performance and for me Pierre is belonging to the best drivers in Formula 1 currently,” summed up Tost.

That’s high praise indeed and as can be seen, Gasly is maturing greatly season by season. A race winner of course in 2020, his name has been fleetingly mentioned as a possible Red Bull driver in 2023. First of all however, he must deal with the 2022 campaign.

As per the top, he has been improving year by year and 2022 could be make or break for Gasly. Yes, he is doing a fine job at Alpha Tauri but without a shadow of a doubt, he is hungry for greater successes.  If the regulations changes in 2022 can work in his favour, it could be interesting.

The story was written by Neil Farell

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