Guenther Steiner says he has no fresh update on the talked about CBS show where he was asked to be the producer.

Few weeks back, Deadline reported about an upcoming TV comedy show which CBS is looking at with Haas F1 boss Steiner. Amid his rising popularity after his presence in Netflix Drive to Survive, the Italian has been exploring different avenues.

He even wrote a book and is open to different gigs alongside his F1 team principal role. While it was looking like he would star in the CBS show, Steiner has clarified that he has only been approached to be the producer rather than anything else as of now.

But there is no progress regarding the show and when it will start shooting or how it will pan out. Steiner revealed that after the initial talks, there’s nothing more at the moment.  “I spoke with CBS but there is nothing – I’m just the producer, if there is something,” the Haas F1 boss said.

“In the moment, I spoke with them months ago, what was done, but nothing in the moment. I think there is no writer, nothing. I think they try to do something, but nothing is happening in the moment right now. I don’t know [about the show’s premise]. The writer makes the concept.

“As I said, I’m just a producer, you get the proposed concept and then you go from there. And I don’t know [if the show is based on me]. The writer makes a concept and then they come to me and say ‘you want to be the producer of this?’ That’s all. But nothing is done in the moment,” summed up Steiner.

He still feels ‘strange’ from the popularity he has gained from the Drive to Survive show. He insists that he is not looking at writers and that he’s had only two conversations so far and states for people to wait and see what comes out of it.

“I don’t know,” he said. “You need to speak with CBS not with me – I’m not looking for the writer. You know, they are doing all that one. I just had actually two conversations with them, not more. They must find it interesting because they announced it, so wait and see.”

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