Mick Schumacher says results show his mental resolve especially being in a situation he has been, as he adds on qualifying vs race pace scenario.

Having started his racing career using his mother’s name initially, Schumacher eventually started using his own name when he made the switch to single-seater category. In those days, the German was kept away from the media glare considering his age.

The worry was about him being asked about Michael’s condition. But as he moved up the ladder, the limitations started to lessen and now with the step to F1, he speaks with media regularly, being ably supported by Sabine Kehm – who has been with them for long.

The pressure on Schumacher is immense, whether it is for the surname or his own self. So far, he has shown good mental resolve, having won both European F3 and F2 titles. Even the composure shown in public has been commendable from the young German.

He feels his results shows his mental resolve. “I think that it’s quite clear that I’ve been under a sort of spotlight since a very young age, and especially due to the sport that I do and I love probably a bit more than usual,” said Schumacher to media including F1, Motorsport Network, Racefans.net and more.

“Nevertheless, It’s something that I’ve been able to get use to, and I would say about myself that I’m able to deal with it pretty well. The results speak for it. I guess it’s something that has always been with me. I kind of got used to it. I didn’t really have to specifically work on it.

“Definitely one thing that is important is that you have a family that is always open and true to me. If you have friends that tell you how it is and if you have facts, you will not stay grounded. You’ll be able to see things in a different perspective than if you would be trying to do all this alone.

“I’ve had the luck, and I’m lucky to have such a great bunch of people around me. So I will do as usual for 2021 too. And we’ll just try and obviously keep the same rhythm that I have. It’s actually amazing to be racing in the same sport than my father. I think we all enjoy. It’s a sport that we both love so much.

“So to be able to go a similar path, to get to know the sport inside out, it’s amazing. So, to be able to be one of the 20 drivers is something incredible,” summed up Schumacher, as he added if he thinks that he was destined to reach F1 due to the family name.

“Not necessarily because of the background,” said Schumacher. “It’s just like cars and engines were always a part of my life. And I was going to pursue the go-kart . I went through Junior categories to arrive where I am now. If it’s destined or not, I think it’s quite hard to say.

“At the moment it’s great that I’ve achieved my dream, which was really a lifelong dream now,” he added. Moving on, Schumacher also spoke about his successful 2020 F2 season and the role played by Ferrari Driver Academy, where he was able to beat his stablemates like Callum Ilott, Robert Shwartzman and Giuliano Alesi.

“I’ve been working with FDA since beginning of 2019,” said Schumacher. “So it’s been obviously a great couple of years. And I’ve learned so much through them. I think I wouldn’t be here now without them. I’m owing them a great deal for the success that I’ve had. I’m looking forward to still keep working with them in future.”

One interesting attribute for Schumacher in his F2 career was lack of pole position, as in the 23 feature races across the two years, the German did not manage to have a single pole, even though he won three races. His qualifying was always the trouble point for him but he made up in the races, especially with the storming starts.

“I think that you have to always take into account all the aspects of a season and where the preferences are,” said Schumacher. “At the end, if you do a good race, you’ll take 25 points home. If you do a qualifying and not a good race, you’ll take four points home. So, you really have to set your preferences. And maybe it’s been not easy for me put everything together in one lap.

“We have been able to be very consistent in races, conserve our tyres when we have to, and use the tyres when we did. I think it’s just a bit of a preference. It’s a bit of a mindset. Where are your goals. I guess as you say, it’s a very competitive I think we have very good drivers out there, and all have different driving styles and let’s say approaches to the weekend,” explained Schumacher.

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