Several of the F1 teams and drivers have started changing its social media handles/websites for 2021 changes as Romain Grosjean shares new image of his left hand.

As the world turned to January 1, 2021, several of the F1 teams and drivers turned their new chapter as well, shedding the previous identities of 2020. Of all the outfits and the competitors, the biggest change is for Racing Point, who become Aston Martin.

And rightly so, they were the first to switch their social media accounts – like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – at 12:00 GMT, moving on from the pink Racing Point handle to Aston Martin, with their brand’s logo on a green background.

On the website front as well, the URL has already changed to

With Aston Martin taking over Racing Point handle, its former partner, Red Bull Racing  changed its social handles too, whereby they eliminated the name of the British manufacturer. The website has also shed the title sponsor’s name.

They are, however, yet to add Sergio Perez’s name in the drivers’ list alongside Max Verstappen. The Mexican, though, has already added Red Bull on his bio. It remains to be seen when he first visits the Milton Keynes base to start preparing for the 2021 F1 season.

Moving on to McLaren, the British outfit has already added Daniel Ricciardo on its driver page. Not just that, they have revealed his first look in the team’s colours too:

The Australian is set to visit Woking in the coming weeks for his integration programme. On their other change, though, they are yet to add about Mercedes as it re-starts its engine supply association with the German manufacturer, after ending its term with Renault.

Ricciardo’s former team, Renault, hasn’t so far changed its social handle and or website to Alpine F1 Team. The website is yet to replace the Australian with Fernando Alonso as well. They have, though, shared a tweet regarding the pending change to the new name.

Similar to Renault, even Ferrari is yet to update its changed driver line-up on its website, even though the story of Carlos Sainz visiting Maranello is on the front page. It is same for Haas, as they are yet to put in the names of Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

Joining McLaren in updating its F1 website is AlphaTauri, as they have put in Yuki Tsunoda’s name in place of Daniil Kvyat. Interestingly, there are just three teams to have no changes for 2021, with Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and Williams, sticking to their 2020 identities.

New image from Grosjean, Jack & Jones’ stance:

Few days after stating that he cannot share the condition of his left hand as yet, Grosjean shared an image which gives some detail into the extent of his burns. The photos has parts of the hand left exposed with ointment, something not seen before.

Staying with the Haas related topic, one of its outgoing sponsor Jack & Jones, have distanced itself from the current controversy surrounding Nikita Mazepin and his antics. The sponsor of Kevin Magnussen notes that their deal would have already ended in 2020 but wanted to still state its opinion on the matter.

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