After the move that TImo Scheider made in Spielberg that obligated Wehrlein and Wickens to retire on last lap, has finished with the banned of the Audi driver for Moscow round and Audi motorsport boss, Dr. Ullrich to be banned from pitlane and team radio for the rest of the year.

The DMSB –German association of motor racing, had a meeting in Frankfurt to investigate the Audi’s action in Spielberg. A message from team radio of Timo Scheider “push him out” was broadcast before the contact with Robert Wickens who then crashed with Wehrlein –former championship leader.

After the race, Scheider was excluded from that and yesterday DMSB decided to not allow him to race for next round in Moscow Raceway.

Audi squad also had a penalty for those comments. Audi motorsport boss Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich has been banded from DTM pitlane and team radio for the rest of the year as Audi has been fined 200,000 euros that will go to youth development and security projects. They also lost 62 points in the manufacturer’s championship.