The new team of the GP2 Series, the Russian Time, which is replacing the empty space left by iSport International for lack of funds, tries entering the GP3 Series next year.

“The idea is to enter the GP3 as a new team, without buying any of the running,” says the Russian Time team leader, Igor Mazepa, who claims that they are prepared to stay until the end of this cycle or three years more.

He has also stated that GP3 is very important to them, but “we know how difficult it is to achieve this, but we hope to find a solution with the help of the leaders of the GP3”.
Also Russian Time certainly is not having a bad season in GP2, indeed, team is based in Germany, despite being based in Russia, has three wins this season, all of Sam Bird, and a podium and a pole Tom Dillmann that makes that right now the team is in third place in the team championship with options to take the championship, and Sam Bird has options to take the drivers championship as well, Bird is now fourth in the championship while Dillmann is least advanced, eleventh. These results are the reason “we hope that the negotiations to a successful conclusion.”

Waiting for them to enter or not enter, Mazepa hopes to enter in the category with Russian pilots who would are already negotiating with them but “I can not reveal anything more at this time.”

The aim for Mazepa is, “prepare 5 cars (2 GP2, GP3 3) in the best way possible” and says he is prepared to “sign to anyone who is prepared, with russian license as key factor.”