Daniel Ricciardo says he has to be hard on himself even though he still in the learning phase with AlphaTauri upon F1 return.

The two races so far has been decent for Ricciardo with AlphaTauri upon his F1 return. Even though he hasn’t scored points, the Australian has seemingly looked to be in a better shape than Nyck de Vries in terms of performance and results.

But Ricciardo feels he is still not there and he wants to be hard on himself even if it has been so little time to adjust. “I guess the short answer is yes,” said the Australian. “But I don’t know, for me in Spa, I felt like we… I didn’t feel like the car was on. So even for like the given downforce and all that I felt like we weren’t just kind of getting, as I said, like, you know with a new tyre weren’t really getting that peek out of it.

“And wasn’t really feeling it kind of bite and load up. So that’s probably the thing where we obviously we’ll try to understand where we missed, but you’re right, for the rest it is lower grip, and especially with the rain all weekend, the track felt green, you know, it did feel like it was pretty average conditions.

“The race pace felt quite slow. So all these things probably contribute. But yeah, it’s all learning. I think as well I’m always going to be quite hard on myself. But yeah, I shouldn’t be expecting the world at the moment. So all in all, I think it’s all… it’s all learning, but hopefully we get a few more answers from the Spa weekend,” summed up Ricciardo.

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