Daniel Ricciardo has outlined his professional and personal goals for F1 2023 where he is in relaxed mode but contributing to Red Bull’s success.

Having had two difficult F1 seasons with McLaren, Ricciardo found a good lifeline at the hands of Red Bull for 2023. It is not racing but as a reserve driver, the Australian has a much needed break after straight years in the sport for a decade in the sport.

While his work behind the scenes continues on, Ricciardo didn’t feature in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as the plan always was to start his paddock journey from Australia onward. Cutting back on race travel and doing on his own terms is one of his goals for 2023.

On the professional spectrum, Ricciardo is already thinking about Red Bull, assisting them to clinch another title but more importantly also show his professionalism in contributing in success of a team and that he has not lost his charm due to the difficult times.

The Australian has been seen riding dirt bikes in this period and Ricciardo has one goal of getting better on two-wheels, not with the idea of being competitive with it but just learning a new skill for his own pleasure as a hobby.

Here’s what Ricciardo penned on his social channel –

This is the first year in as long as I can remember that my goals aren’t going to be 100% about racing and competing. Whilst there’s still an element of that, its in a different capacity this year and I now have space for a separate set of goals to focus on too.

My professional goals

From a professional point of view, this year is really about being a team player at Red Bull. I’m back in an environment and ultimately a family that I have a lot of good memories with and it feels really good to be back there. But it’s not about me this year, it’s about the wider team and trying to contribute and help them where I can.

Jumping into the simulator, learning their car and helping shape the development are all things I’m focused on doing. In turn that will develop my abilities, my confidence and my enjoyment behind the wheel. It’s been a tough couple of years professionally, so there’s an element of that competitor in me wanting to remind people that I’m still here, still a professional and still contributing to success.

My personal goals

From a personal perspective, this year for me is really feeling like a bit of a luxury to have the opportunity to do things that I’ve always wanted to and not had the time. I don’t want the year to pass me by, because if I am racing again next year, I’ll wish I’d made the most of the free time whilst I had it. So I have 3 goals on the personal front:

  • Travelling, on my own terms. It’s weird saying this after traveling the world for the last 15 years, but I want to travel more this year. For me, I want to hit some destinations and actually experience the country, slow down and become a local. So often with the F1 schedule we’re in and out of a country in a few days without seeing anything other than the circuit and the hotel, and it’s certainly not a vacation! I get so much energy from new countries, new conversations and new things, so I’m really looking forward to being in control of the destination and the schedule.
  • Spending more time with the important people in my life – my family and friends – and prioritise spending more time one-on-one with them which is something I haven’t been able to do for so long. They’ve always supported me and I haven’t had the time to invest back in them, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to.
  • Improving my skills on two wheels. People might think I’m joking here but I really want to get better and better on my 110! I’ve always enjoyed motorbikes but never really been able to ride much because the luxury of time hasn’t been there. But I love learning new skills and I think that drive for excellence that I’m used to will carry over into this hobby too. I promise you this is the most fun you can have on two wheels. Riding with friends, jumping things and being out in nature. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

So that’s me for the year ahead.. lots to look forward to!

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