Esteban Ocon was a bit disappointed by the comments made by Fernando Alonso after the Brazil F1 weekend when the two had a collision.

It wasn’t the sight Alpine wanted to see when Ocon and Alonso collided in the sprint event during the Brazil weekend. Otmar Szafnauer kind of lashed out at them after the race with the two drivers losing out on a good start for Sunday.

It eventually led Alonso to pass comments which wasn’t so good for Alpine and or Ocon. During the last few races, the Spaniard was open about the reliability issues faced on his side of the garage which cost him host of points.

In fact, he finished behind Ocon in the drivers’ standings and was forced to retire from weekend in Abu Dhabi too. The Frenchman was a bit disappointed how things between them, with Alonso moving to Aston Martin from 2023 onward.

“It’s no secret that I was disappointed in seeing his comments after the race in Brazil,” said Oocn. “There was no need for some [of the] criticism that he has done. But I respect him a lot. I will forever respect him for what he has done on the track over the years. He’s a legend of the sport and that won’t change – but I was a bit disappointed.”

For Alonso, it wasn’t the end he hoped for with Alpine. “I’m disappointed, for sure,” he said after the race before his test run with Aston Martin. “I mean, millions of people are disappointed now – fans. It’s the way it is. It’s been a very unlucky season in terms of… not unlucky, I think we were not prepared reliability-wise, and I think it’s the sixth or seventh DNF. But a couple of races don’t count as a DNF.

“In Australia, we had the problem in qualifying, in Austria, the car didn’t start in the Sprint race, and some other races that we were not ready to compete. It’s a little bit sad to finish like that, but it’s the way it is,” summed up Alonso.

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