Lando Norris is not sure why people are underestimating Ferrari in 2021 F1 season despite their good showing from 2020.

With four races done in 2021 F1 season, Ferrari sits fourth, just five points behind McLaren in the standings. It is a much better showing from the Italian manufacturer than their 2020 performances, as they have been good in both qualifying and the races.

Despite the performances, the underestimation of Ferrari continues, especially on the grounds that they are not fighting for the F1 titles. But for the Italian manufacturer, the 2021 step is already a big move forward after the low point in 2020.

After a good showing in Spanish GP, which helped them to get closer to McLaren, Norris noted that he was not sure as to why Ferrari are being underestimated in 2020, even though they have shown good pace on different F1 circuits.

“I think we didn’t show our potential in qualifying from my side in Spain,” said Norris to TV media. “Daniel did and he finished P6, but the Ferraris have been good all year, I don’t know why people underestimate them so much. They are one of the quickest cars in terms of cornering all season, so when you come to tracks like Barcelona, where there is less long straights, they do well, they are quick.

“We knew they will be particularly be good here. On qualifying pace, we probably could have matched them, even though they probably had a slightly better car, but in the race, when you need a bit more rear, to rely on the car a bit more, then we struggled. I think we knew the weaknesses of the car and in the race when others struggled with the rear, we did so to. We have plan to improve but it is not easy,” summed up Norris.

After some good races from Norris, the Spanish GP was the first where he slipped a bit behind teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who finished ahead of him in both qualifying and the race. The Australian put it down to some changes in the car along with known circuit.

“It is not often that you are excited to come here – no offence to Barcelona, the city – because we do whole lot of testing here and we know the track so well but I was excited to come here and have some familiarity with the circuit that we know,” said Ricciardo.

“And I was able to kind of chip away on a known quantity and find the improvements I needed in the car. We did a little bit with the car in Spain, but its really been about me and adjusting, it is kinda of, that the way you attack the corner, whether that’s where you brake or how you brake, when you come on throttle, like all these little details.

“I guess the car is a little tricky to drive, although it is fast, it is proving to be a little tricky at the moment, and if I am overstepping it, then that little mistakes becomes costly and then that throws off the balance for the rest of the corners. So, just figuring that out and it comes with more laps in the car and just the circuit I know,” summed up Ricciardo.

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