MOTORLAND ARAGÓN – Lando Norris got to the highest of podium in second race of Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, along with Boccolacci and Scott. Due to the rain, Defourny could not maintain leadership and finished fourth.

Uncertainity was into everyone present in Motorland Aragón this afternoon when alarms were sounding about possible wet race. Teams brought rain tires and changed configs and mappings. This made good to Lando Norris (Josef Kaufmann Racing), who took first position to poleman Max Defourny (R-ACE GP ART Junior Team) to win second race of weekend.

First drops fell in warm up lap. Despite the runs, no one started with wet tires although most changed configs. Isaakyan (AVF) could not run the car and would start from the pitlane.

At the start Defourny lost first place to Norris, who since the start went away and did not let anyone get him. Troitskiy (Fortec Motorsports) lost many places while his teammate Bruno Baptista won two.

Romanov‘s Fortec was then into the scene when while overtaking his teammate Troitskiy ended causing a collision that left the Safety Car out for two laps. Rain was getting heavy and teams would prepare rain tires for an eventual pitstop that would not take place.

The restart of the competition gave then an opportunity to Defourny to overtake Norris, but was unable to. It was then when trying the overtake left the track at the straight end and Boccolacci and Scoot (AVF) took second and third position. Outings were then general as rain was getting heavier. Baptista lost everything he won at the start; rain is not his best skill.

Daruvala (Josef Kaufmann Racing) was one of the ones winning positions and made it to fifth, while Shwartzman (Josef Kaufmann Racing) lost positions and kept in front of Will Palmer (R-ACE GP ART Junior Team), who later would pass him. His teammate Falchero lost control of his car later.

Rain stopped when two laps were to go, but there would still happen a last-turn accident. Fenestraz (Tech 1 Racing) saw how while Isaakyan was trying to defend from him fled away upside down, although he would not suffer any injury. Fenestraz could make it to the finish line with broken suspension and front wing, but yet in front of 5 drivers.

Tomorrow morning third race will take place after second qualifying session.



Pos. Car Driver Team Gap Int
1 2 Lando NORRIS (R) GBR Josef Kaufmann Racing After 14 Laps
2 9 Dorian BOCCOLACCI FRA Tech 1 Racing + 1,604 + 1,604
3 22 Harrison SCOTT GBR AVF by Adrian Vallès + 3,120 + 1,516
4 33 Max DEFOURNY BEL R-ACE GP ART Junior Team + 4,088 + 0,968
5 1 Jehan DARUVALA IND Josef Kaufmann Racing + 4,701 + 0,613
6 14 Will PALMER (R) GBR R-ACE GP ART Junior Team + 13,145 + 8,444
7 62 Ferdinand HABSBURG AUT FORTEC Motorsports + 13,388 + 0,243
8 3 Robert SHWARTZMAN (R) RUS Josef Kaufmann Racing + 13,715 + 0,327
9 21 Henrique CHAVES POR AVF by Adrian Vallès + 13,808 + 0,093
10 12 Gabriel AUBRY (R) FRA Tech 1 Racing + 14,156 + 0,348
11 16 Julien FALCHERO (R) FRA R-ACE GP ART Junior Team + 14,356 + 0,200
12 6 Bruno BAPTISTA BRA FORTEC Motorsports + 15,187 + 0,831
13 18 James ALLEN AUS J.D. Motorsport SRL + 20,737 + 5,550
14 11 Sacha FENESTRAZ (R) FRA Tech 1 Racing + 28,350 + 7,613
15 17 Alexey KORNEEV (R) RUS J.D. Motorsport SRL + 31,416 + 3,066
16 30 Rodrigo PFULCKER (R) PER CRAM Motorsport + 33,263 + 1,847
17 38 David PROCELLI (R) USA MGR Motorsport + 38,154 + 4,891
18 31 David RICHERT CAN CRAM Motorsport + 48,601 + 10,447
19 42 Julia PANKIEWICZ (R) POL AVF by Adrian Vallès + 48,885 + 0,284
DNF 23 Nerses ISAAKYAN (R) RUS AVF by Adrian Vallès + 1 Lap
7 Nikita TROITSKIY (R) RUS FORTEC Motorsports + 11 Laps
5 Vasily ROMANOV RUS FORTEC Motorsports + 11 Laps
DNS 10 Hugo DE SADELEER SUI Tech 1 Racing
35 Alex PERULLO (R) ITA Technorace