An extended free practice session and a new tyre regulation.

In a change of regulations in 2014, GP2 Series organisers are pleased to announce that they have extended the free practice session for a further fifteen minutes bringing its total duration to forty-five minutes during race weekends.

Moreover, in an effort to always get closer to Formula One, GP2 Series organisers have decided to tweak their tyre rules. The GP2 Series uses slick Pirelli tyres in four specifications (super soft, soft, medium and hard) which are predetermined by Pirelli in advance of the race weekend .Each driver has five sets of dry-weather tyres per weekend – three of “prime” specification and two of “option” specification.

In 2014, each driver will have to use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the Feature Race (unless they have used wet-weather tyres during the race,). Compared to the previous season, this will change the teams and drivers’ approach to the race weekend.

GP2 Series CEO Bruno Michel commented: “I am very satisfied that we could extend free practice sessions to forty-five minutes during race weekends. The additional track time will most definitely help our young drivers learn the circuit, giving them even better preparation for the qualifying session with no additional cost for the teams.

“Regarding the new tyre rule for the Feature Race, looking at how last season unfolded, we felt it was important that teams and drivers display their strategy over the course of both races. Just like in Formula One, during our Saturday Race, each driver will have to use both tyre compounds. I am sure we will see some great racing and interesting strategies again this season with even more enthralling Sunday races.”

GP2 Series Press Release