Team Motopark announced that they will be focused on the ADAC Formel Masters and the ATS Formel 3 Cup in 2014, ending the relationship with Russian Time in GP2 and GP3.

After Igor Mazepa’s death, lawyers and advisers of Russian Time started re-negotiating the contracts. Timo Rumpfkeil, Team Principal of Motopartk, stated: “The conditions they had in mind would have resulted in us not being competitive any more. However, it had always been the aim of both Igor Mazepa and ourselves to establish Russian Time at the very top of every championship we enter. We showed that we are capable of doing so by winning the GP2 teams’ title in our maiden season last year. This was where we should have continued. As this seems no longer possible, the cooperation between my Team Motopark and Russian Time unfortunately has come to an end”.

Rumpfkeil continued saying: “It’s a shame that we cannot continue to show our potential on an international level, too. I feel especially bad for our GP2 driver Tom Dillman and our estimated GP3 drivers Marvin Kirchhoefer, Jimmy Eriksson and Markus Pommer, who are left out in the open and without a driven when they were sure they had their ducks in line for the year. Neither them nor our team members who worked hard and tirelessly to make our teams’ title possible in 2013 have done anything wrong, and none of them deserves such devastating news”.