Paul Monaghan defends Max Verstappen to be technically gifted after discussions about him not being so for Red Bull F1 team.

Verstappen is a two time world champion and his driving ability cannot be questioned at all. He has been a driver with a myriad of ability and speed to boot. The combination and connection of a driver and in particular his race engineer, plus all other technical personnel is one of the integral parts in any F1 team which helps them prosper.

Information being transferred between driver and engineer positively is the meat and drink of success. Last season, that would have been the case for Verstappen. While a driver’s job is to drive, technical ability, no matter how limited will always be a bonus for any team.

The technical ability of Verstappen has always came under scrutiny but Red Bull chief Paul Monaghan doesn’t thinks that as he feels he is extremely gifted. “Max is technically extremely gifted,” he said to media. “He did a lot of work as a youngster, often guided by his father. And you can see the legacy of that”.

“He knows what he’s talking about within the car. And he knows what he wants. And with his engineers, they know how to deliver a car that he finds nicely-balanced, easy to drive – well, not necessarily easy to drive but driveable – looks after its tyres well enough that he can manage a situation. And if you look at his record over the past seasons he’s been with us, it’s stunning. He wouldn’t achieve that if he wasn’t an exceptional driver”.

“And can he improve? Yes, of course he can. He might not thank me for saying that. But I think there are areas he can get a little bit better. He’ll dig into himself and think what could he do better for a season. And it’s up to us to give him a car to go and demonstrate those skills in 2023,” summed up Monaghan.

Drivers like Jackie Stewart and Ayrton Senna were brilliant technically during their careers, to name but two. Verstappen is another one who knows his stuff and as a result of that, don’t rule out a third title in a row.

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