Mercedes has teased to-be 2022 car different from F1’s own showcar images as they serious countdown to the new season kicks-in.

Having shared the fire-up video of W13 around Christmas, Mercedes has teased a to-be image of the new 2022 car which is slightly different from the F1’s own showcar images shared until now. The caption goes as ‘New year. New Me-rcedes’.

They wish to highlight the ‘New year. New Me’ dialogue with it. But looking at the image shared, the first visual difference is the front wing which has three elements than the four that F1 had shared. The rear wing looks a bit bulky and larger too.

The front part/nose is tad bit smaller to the F1’s front part/nose, as the sidepods are larger too on the Mercedes car to the F1’s. While the German outfit has shared the image, it is still not the ‘full car’ with the team obviously wanting to keep things under wraps.

It is expected that the final version of the new 2022 F1 car will be different to what the sport shared during the British GP. The first official images will only come to light by February before the winter testing in Barcelona kicks-off.

Here’s the image from Mercedes:

Mercedes, F1

Here’s what F1 had shared for 2022:

Also, Petronas – sponsor of Mercedes – shared a small video of George Russell gearing up for his full-time stint with the F1 team in 2022 as he is officially now a works team driver with Valtteri Bottas now with Alfa Romeo. The Brit shared a photo of him in Puma gear, who are the team’s apparel partner.

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