Mercedes clarifies that Lewis Hamilton has not gifted his third place trophy post the FIA Prize Gala as is being speculated.

Following the FIA Prize Gala in Baku, the social media was set ablaze by a fan who posted photos of the third place trophy of Mercedes’ Hamilton from his home. A fan named Nihad Nesirli claimed that the Brit ‘gifted’ him his trophy post the prize giving event.

He posted pictures of posing with the trophy at the event as well as at his home. He also took pictures of holding Red Bull’s Max Verstappen’s drivers’ championship trophy and some with him as well in a room where seemingly only handfuls who could enter.

It is not clear how he got access to the room but his photos kick-started a ‘news’ that Hamilton did not take away his trophy as a sign of ‘protest’ against the FIA for what transpired over the week relating to Toto and Susie Wolff.

But Mercedes has since denied any of that while noting that Hamilton has not ‘gifted’ away his third place trophy to anyone. As is the case in previous events, the Brit kept his trophy in FIA’s care, who usually sends the trophy to the team’s headquarters.

That is what Hamilton did while leaving the trophy behind. It is unclear if Hamilton took the person as a FIA official who would take care of it and or if he just kept the trophy on the table and the fan picked it up and took it with him to his home.

“Immediately after leaving the stage, and as has been done at previous prize givings, Lewis accepted the offer from officials for the trophy to be sent on to the team and therefore left it in their care,” a statement from Mercedes stated. “We can confirm he did not give the trophy to anyone ‘as a gift’ as has been speculated.”

Here’s the fan who has the trophy and shared the rumour that Hamilton gave him the trophy:

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