Mercedes and Aston Martin complete its set of Pirelli F1 tyre test at Jerez with its regular drivers in action running the 2025 compounds.

After Ferrari completed its tyre testing programme with Pirelli at Barcelona, the Italian manufacturer were back running at Jerez with the 2025 compound. It was Mercedes and Aston Martin pair in action as they got their first on-track taste for 2024 F1 season.

Pirelli continued the comparison programme between compounds especially reducing the overheating aspect. The weather condition was a bit on the colder side as Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso had their chance on the first day on Tuesday.

Hamilton completed 126 laps in all where he set the fastest time of 1m18.936s, while Alonso did 156 laps with a time of 1m18.752s. The programme continued on Wednesday, with George Russell and Lance Stroll in action, respectively.

The Brit did 158 laps where he set the time of 1m18.259s, while the Canadian did 156 laps where he set a time of 1m19.130s. Pirelli clarified that the two drivers were on different programmes and so the timings didn’t matter as much.

The pre-season Pirelli tyre testing is now done with the four days of running. The next one will take place post the Japanese GP at Suzuka on April 9-10 where Visa Cash App RB and Stake F1 Team will run the 2024 cars.

“We had two very productive days of testing, which – together with Barcelona last week – allowed to gather a lot of data,” said Mario Isola. “First of all, I’d like to thank all the teams involved up to now, for their support in lending us their factory drivers; whose feedback is always very useful and precise.

“We worked principally on ways to reduce overheating, which is always one of the most delicate aspects of tyre management with the current range, but also on a few different structural concepts. Now we’re going to analyse all the information carefully to work out the next steps in terms of development for next year, starting off with a few interesting points that have emerged from our running so far.”

Outside this, Ferrari were back running at Fiorano with the F1-75 in the last two days. They had Arthur Leclerc in the cockpit on Monday, while Carlos Sainz took over on Wednesday. It is unclear if their testing is over or they continued on Wednesday.

Here’s Leclerc:

Here’s Sainz:

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