Andreas Seidl has informed that McLaren has no plans, in the immediate future, to use the special Gulf Oil livery, that was used in F1 Monaco GP.

While the studio photos didn’t do full justice to the special Gulf Oil F1 livery, but once it hit the track in Monaco GP, it immediately became a favourite, as the blue in combination with a different shade of orange – away from the traditional papaya – worked wonders.

There was a resounding yes for the special livery from McLaren, with a lot of fans wanting it to be used again in 2021 and or in the future. Some even pressed the team to retain the colours for remainder of the current F1 season.

However, when asked by, if McLaren has any plans after seeing the fan reaction to it and or, if they will mull using it in the future, Seidl informed the written media that the Gulf Oil livery remains one-off for now and there is no plans for future.

“On the livery, the only think I want to say at the moment is it was clearly a one off-livery at the moment,” said Seidl. It was planned for the iconic race here, celebrating the historic partnerships we have with Gulf that goes back to the 1960s with Bruce McLaren.

“That was the idea behind this project between Gulf and us. That’s all I can say at the moment in terms of future plans,” summed up Seidl. It was not just the McLaren team or its fans, even drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo found it pretty solid.

The trend of one-off livery has returned to the fold in F1, with the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari doing it in the last few seasons. Interestingly, Red Bull, hasn’t something like this in the recent history, despite being one of the few outfits to believe in larger marketing.

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