Dmitry Mazepin – father of Nikita – and owner of Uralkali, has opened up on various topics related to Haas, F1 ambitions, Hitech GP and more.

With the first year for Uralkali being a title F1 sponsor coming to an end, its boss D Mazepin says he has seen benefits for his company being a partner in the sport even though results hasn’t matched the same on track due to no development with focus on 2022.

Mazepin expected a tough year but admits the large calendar is a problem and so as sponsors, they are working with Haas to provide incentive to the mechanics/engineers amid news of several leaving the F1 outfit due to increased workload.

While there seems to be changes on the side of Mazepin but when asked by to Mick Schumacher if there are changes on side too, the German simply noted ‘there is no change on my side at the moment’.

Nevertheless, Mazepin Sr says they work with Haas to understand what can be done. Regarding the F1 ambitions, the Russian says even though it was a failed bid for Force India, he still intends to complete the F4 to F1 cycle under Uralkali.

He already partners with Hitech GP which competes in F4, F3 and F2. On F1 side, though, Mazepin clarified that nothing is happening at the moment as every team is waiting to see how they perform under the 2022 regulation changes.

Here’s what Mazepin said in an interview with Match TV:

Things with Haas as sponsor, future, incentive –

Mazepin: “A contract is a contract. Another thing is that next year we are ready to voluntarily offer additional conditions, according to which we would like to interest the Haas employees to stay in the team, to be more involved in the processes. I understand that during the season it is difficult to travel to 23 countries of the world, to serve 23 races. The human factor plays a big role here. Therefore, we do our best to increase intrinsic motivation and, as a sponsor, to be part of the team. The agreement is long-term. There is a fixed term and an extension option.

“The partnership gives advantages. As a sponsor, we are pursuing more than just the goal of supporting Nikita so that he grows professionally. We are looking at this more broadly. Uralkali sells its products to 70 countries of the world, 23 of which host races. We want to use the Formula 1 brand as a platform to promote our products and our company, and we succeed. China, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, the USA are our markets, and we, as leaders in the sale of fertilizers, strive to seize these opportunities.

“Considering the condition of the car, which, unfortunately, could not be greatly improved this season. And we are grateful to Haas for mutual interest. The team is working, trying. At the same time, we see great opportunities that we can realize by joint efforts in order to get a better result next year.”

F1 ambitions –

Mazepin: “We have big ambitions in motorsport. Yes, there was an unsuccessful attempt to buy a team, but we will not leave this topic. This does not depend on Nikita’s career. These are our long-term plans – we want to expand our presence in Formula 1. We have a high-tech team, it is represented in Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2. Ideally, the F1 team should become the crown, and we want to be its owner.

“And it is not only Haas if you ask. At the moment, we are not negotiating with anyone, because everyone has taken a break and are waiting for the cards to be revealed in 2022: who will be successful and who will not. If suddenly some small teams become successful in the next season, then their value and attractiveness will be different.”

Hitech GP, Russian drivers –

Mazepin: “In sports, you never calm down, here everyone gives their best by 102%. Hitech GP is the youngest team, there are sufficient material resources, an ambitious racing and engineering team has been formed. Oliver Oaks, as the owner of the team, is the team principal and I am happy with the way it works. We help the team, we are partners for Oaks.

“On the one hand, for this, the Russians must show results, and on the other, each pilot chooses for himself where to continue his career. This is a voluntary story when a young driver signs a contract with a Formula 3 or Formula 2 team. As in any sport, there is a national component, and we are proud of our riders, but here is a competitive environment, and the essence of sport is to fight and win.”

At the moment Mazepin is the sole from Russia to drive in F1, but looking elsewhere Daniil Kvyat is still part of the grid as a reserve driver for Alpine. Among the upcoming talent, Ferrari junior Robert Shwartzman will get to drive the Haas car on Tuesday of the Abu Dhabi test – his first chance with the American outfit.

“First of all I would like to thank Haas F1 Team, Scuderia Ferrari and the Ferrari Driver Academy for this great opportunity,” said Shwartzman. “This will be my first test with Haas F1 Team and I’m really looking forward to getting to know a new team, environment and also to learn as much as possible from them. Having the chance to drive for another F1 team is just incredible and I can’t wait to work with everyone.”

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