Red Bull Racing F1 consultant Dr. Helmut Marko says he had an idea for their drivers to have coronavirus immunity which was turned down by everyone.

The recent statements from Red Bull consultant and former racer Marko has created quite a controversy during the quiet F1 period due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Austrian in an interview with ORF clarified what his idea was, which got turned down.

The idea from Marko was ‘herd immunity’, something which multiple nations decided to do like United Kingdom, but backed out of it as the risk was too much. The Austrian thought of a comp with the four F1 racers and some of the junior members.

But Red Bull decided not to go that route – sanely. “We have four F1 drivers and eight-ten juniors, and the idea was that we would organise a camp to mentally and physically bridge the dead time,” opened up Marko. “Then it would be ideal.

“Because these are really young, strong, healthy men who would be well equipped when the championship started. The idea was not particularly well received and it ended there.” In fact, Marko revealed that he thought he had the virus in February itself.

The Austrian noted of having symptoms but there was no test at that time. He added that he wasn’t scared but respected that the virus is real threat to everyone. Marko also recalled his return from Australia to back home via Dubai, where he was amid different people.

Aside that, Marko also discussed the on-going talks about having the 2020 F1 season end in January 2021 or stage races with just the two days in the weekend, so as to limit the burden and have as many rounds as possible in an already shortened year.

“You have to try to get the races in a more intensive form from summer onwards,” said Marko. “You have to make a virtue out of necessity. If you run several races on a racetrack, you have to choose an attractive one with overtaking opportunities.

“Two-day GP’s may get more exciting because you cannot practice everything down to the last detail, and more uncertainties come into play. If we choose a world champion in January, that’s okay. We are dropping the test days, it would be more attractive at the same cost.”

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