Nigel Mansell is auctioning several items which includes things from his F1 career from his Jersey museum via RM Sotheby’s.

The auction has several of his personal items which includes 32 racing helmets, 78 baseball caps, 50 race suits and more than 200 trophies and awards from his career. It will take place between October 4-11 on RM Sotheby’s website.

“The collection is hugely personal to me,” said Mansell. “It is, in short, the material manifestation of the most significant moments of my career and it represents everything that I worked for from my teenage years through to the end of my racing career.”

It is not often for F1 champions to auction their own personal items but Mansell is letting go of several things from his museum. It includes posters along with unopened champagne bottles along with racing suits, trophies and even his helmets. Among the helmets is his first F1 win one from 1985 European GP at Brands Hatch with Williams.

Here’s where the items can be seen