Liam Lawson disappointed by missing on points in F1 Italian GP, as Christian Horner praises his drive and shares Daniel Ricciardo update.

In his first full grand prix in F1 Italian GP after Saturday debut in Dutch GP, AlphaTauri’s Lawson missed out on points by just one position in a solid outing. He was knocked out in Q1 but rose up in the race and had a trouble-free run mostly.

There was a late moment against McLaren’s Oscar Piastri but the Australian was penalised for that which helped Lawson. The Kiwi was slightly disappointed by missing on points but he felt much more prepared even though he is still learning the car.

“More comfortable,” said Lawson to media. “But just a little bit disappointed with the race. I think we maybe had the pace for points. I’m not sure, we have to look into it. But I had a bad start, that’s where I think we really lost the chance. But yeah, a bit disappointed to be so close.

“I felt much more prepared, to be honest. But yeah, unfortunately, not enough to fight for points. So yeah, it definitely helps with all the work we did leading up, I feel much more comfortable in the car. I think just procedures is what is daunting, there’s a lot to do behind the wheel of the car.

“And it’s obviously better if you don’t have to look down at what you’re doing! And that’s something that takes a little bit of time,” summed up Lawson, who received good praise from Red Bull boss Horner as he reckons he has adjusted himself well.

“I think he did a solid job, I didn’t follow his race that closely,” he said. “They went for a two stop, which was unconventional on Monza’s strategy. So I’ll have to have a look at the analysis after the race, but I think he’s acquitted himself very well.”

AlphaTauri had noted that Lawson will continue to race until Daniel Ricciardo is fully fit and it is most likely that the Kiwi will continue in Singapore as well as per Horner. There is a question mark on Japan as the Australian is eyeing a comeback at Suzuka.

“I think certainly Singapore, I don’t think there’s any chance he’ll be ready for then,” said Horner. “I think it would be optimistic for Japan, but I think his recovery is going well, he’s got obviously mobility of the hand and he’s into rehabilitation now. We’ve with motorcyclists, rushing comebacks can sometimes do more damage, so I think that we just want to make sure he’s fully fit before he gets back in the car.”

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