Mike Krack says Aston Martin aren’t bringing updates for the sake of one as he notes about having difficult phases in a long journey.

After a solid start to its F1 2023 campaign, Aston Martin has had a bit of slump when compared to the start. They are still hanging on to the front pack but the competition is stiff from Mercedes, Ferrari and now even McLaren.

They have had updates in the recent past and they are still on the analysing phase. Team boss Krack says that they aren’t to bring updates for the sake of it. “It is true,” he said. “You must avoid bringing upgrades for the sake of bringing upgrades because that is very easy. And then you spend cost cap money, so it is very important that you understand what you’re doing before you do.

“I think it is also credit to a lot of good people we have to wait and maybe wait an event more to understand rather than just throwing it in. We are not switching off the tap [unlike other teams shifting to 2024],” summed up Krack, with a big one to come up in Zandvoort as he notes.

But he knows there is no magic bullet to confirm if the updates will certainly work as the development is continuous considering this is the base car that they have made to take it to the next level as the season goes on. Krack remains realistic that such dips were to come in the long run after an early run of success.

“All the races have upgrades, you will have a look at the list for Zandvoort you will see you will read something,” he said. “The magic bullet, I wish I could confirm that. No, I mean, we have set up a plan, a development plan, and it was based on continuously developing the car. And we follow that: obviously, you need to see what directions you take, depending on what happens.

“But I think all in all, we have the development race, I said it from the beginning of the season, but also we have now an opportunity after 11/12 races to take a point,we have 10 times more points than we had at this stage last time, we are FP3 in the championship. And so, the expectations rise, obviously, with your results, but you also must not forget where you come from.

“And in all the push, push for development, we also have to realize that we have made big steps and that it is important, to also zoom out and see what you have achieved. I always said in the beginning of the year, when we had podium, podium, podium, I always said that there will be more difficult times, and they came much quicker than we wanted them to come. But this is the reality of Formula One it is very competitive.

“And as soon as, other people are also developing hard, you see a change in pecking order. And, just to stay where you are needs an incredible amount of work. And it shows that everybody is pushing really hard and flat out. So we knew that it was going to not be easy all season. And as I said, you know, I wish we could have had this only in the last three,” summed up Krack.

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