Kilian Meyer is 15 years old. Currently, he is living in Milano. He is CRG’s official driver and he competes in two categories: OK and KZ. He will participate in WSK, CIK-FIA European Championship, CIK-FIA World Cup and Spanish Championship (CEK).

Which is your main goal for this season?

First of all, I want to win. And then, I want to learn as much as possible to have a good formation for my future in this sport.

And which is your main goal in long-term perspective?

I want to compete in single-seaters to arrive in F1. If not, there are another interesting options in motorsport.

When do you expect to race in single-seaters?

We are working on it. If it’s possible, it will be next year. Last season I tested a Formula 4 with Porteiro Motorsport in Ricardo Tormo circuit (Valencia, Spain). It was fantastic. I was only one tenth slower than the poleman with old tyres. The sensations with the car were great. I hope I can compete soon in single-seaters.

How is your life in Milano?

It’s very nice. I moved in last September to be able to start the new scholar year, while I am closer to my team (CRG).

And do you speak well the Italian and English?

I don’t have any problem. Italian is very similar to Spanish, and I learnt English in my Swiss school.

You are a kind of special driver because of diabetes. How does it affect you in the competitions?

If you have all under control, what you eat and sugar,s it’s not a problem. On the contrary, it can help you because it make you more disciplined.

How is your training?

I train three times per week in gym for sessions of one hour and a half and then I run every day.

Do you have any referent in CRG?

I have no referent. But, maybe Pedro [Hiltbrand] is the driver to beat.

Does He help you?

Sometimes he helps me quite.

And in F1?

I always have liked Ferrari. My favourite driver is Lewis Hamilton. He is always very constant and he drives so smoothly.

What do you think about Verstappen?

He is a good driver, but sometimes he drives like he was a driving a KZ and there are some things regarding his driving style that I don’t like at all.

And What about Fernando Alonso?

Obviously he is a good driver, but he is not my referent.

What do you think about karting and his small repercussion in press?

It’s a pity. If karting had more visibility, there would be more people interested in and also a better atmosphere.

Does this situation affect, regarding sponsors?

Yes, a lot. Because as karting has a small visibility, there is no followers and therefore it costs so much for sponsors to decide joining this world. In single-seaters is much easier.

Like Alonso does, Would you like to compete in categories like WEC or IndyCar If you can’t arrive at F1?

Those are interesting series with good drivers. Of course, what I want is to be a driver and become a professional.

What is your favourite track in karting?

PFI (United Kingdom), Bahrain International Circuit (Bahrain) and Powerpark Circuit (Finland). They are circuits with uphills and downhills and I love them.

And in Spain?

Motorland Aragon, for his uphills and downhills as well.