The Swiss driver Kevin Jörg suffers a heavy crash with Ben Barnicoat at fourth corner of the race 1 of Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 at the spainish circuit of Jerez in Andalucia. FORMULARAPIDA.NET talk with him to know what happen and how he are.


“I was behind Panis before corner 4 and he move a bit to the outside because was a car in front, so I could move to the inside of him and then he probably know going to the outside wasn’t very good so, he moves to the inside and just close me until I was in the grass. In the first come I could still all that car and the exit of the corner since I touch him a little bit and I spun.

“It’s a quite bad feeling to see all the cars coming unto me then you know that maybe is just a question of time, and then one car hit me, it was a big impact He probably did 200-210 km/h so, it’s a big impact. Nothing happen to me, I’m fine I’m o.k.

That’s for sure that is it a new situation for the Josef Kaufmann Racing driver today, “I didn’t had a lot of accidents in general so, I was never in the middle of the field with the cars coming to me”. Even this, it was a good race start “The start was not so bad, I think I could made one position in the second corner so yes it was quite okay.

But never was going to happen if Pronenko shouldn’t had provocated the red flag in Jörg’s group classification.

“The qualifying was actually the reason that this actually happen because I was really quick. When I finished my first lap I was P1 at the moment and the tyres still for a second lap so I had a really good first middle sector, and then after I came into the last sector they were yellow flags so I had to leave after the first corner of the last sector, and then it was a car standing so I had yellow flags, I had to leave, and then the qualy was over. But the last sector time that I did I would be P2 in the group and the first corner of the last sector with no yellow flags I had already improve 2 and a half tenth so I probably could have been in the pole position.

“I think all the faster drivers already had time because I was the first to catch the yellow flag which it was in front of me so they had they time and I see I could have done a better time so I would have first without this yellow flag.

But thw objective fot today’s qualifying is:

“I can be first or second in the group tomorrow, the second group normally is quicker so that’s not so good but it will be like this. The things is now I have a different monocoque, not only the monocoque, the steering and front brakes and everything so I would have a bit different feeling because the tyres go off at the second lap so it’s really no time to adapt it. I’ll do my best.

As it normal in these dates, we ask about his plans for next year:

“Nothing is sure yet but probably I do one more year in the Eurocup. I think I can still learning a lot in this category and it’s a great category and the tracks so, why not?

“The plan is to do the Eurocup and win it but the question is the budget so I don’t know yet. I like the team [Josef Kaufmann Racing], there are some different teams that I can look.”

Also he compared the GP3 with the Eurocup in terms of getting experience:

“The GP3 car is a lot faster 220 horse power in your look is much, the car is a lot faster they don’t have a lot of time in the track due to practices and qualifying of Formula 1. The qualy and free practices are short so you don’t get experience and I think is better for me get in this category because is more time in the track.