Jake Hughes was the fastest in the first free practice session session of the Formula Renault 2.0 Alps which faces the last round of the championship. Matevos Isaakyan finished second followed by Stefan Riener.

The category when for the first time on this track, Misano in Italy. Where the grill was enlarged to 20 pilots. Daruvala follows another round as guest, while Perulla, Baiguera, Falchero, Aleksey Korneev and Nerses Isaakyan begin this weekend.
Some news drivers like Perulla and Korneev had detached in this session but were not able to surpass Koiranen GP drivers and Matevos Isaakyan who finished in the first place.
Jack Aitken, second in the championship, took the fourteenth, back after the lesion in the column two weeks ago in Monza.
Results: 1. Hughes, 2. M. Isaakyan, 3. Rien, 4. Daruvala, 5. Korneev, 6. Romanov, 7. Hamprecht, 8. Vivacqua 9. Bautista, 10. Ferrer, 11. Cazzaniga, 12. Fischer, 13. Pronenko, 14. Aitken, 15. Bulatov, 16. Allen, 17. Perulla, 18. Falchero, 19. Baiguera, 20. N. Isaakyan.