Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has urged people to stay indoors amid coronavirus pandemic which created havoc in entire world.

The whole world has been engulfed with coronavirus pandemic as daily number of infected patients keep rising while several nations go under heavy lockdown step-by-step. Every has had to leave whatever they were doing, to focus on combating the deadly virus.

The epicenter has moved to Europe from the original in China as the latter has managed to contain it to a certain percentage after over a month of serious lock-down. In the meantime, the other nations took it slowly but now have a heavy burden of patients.

The healthcare system has crippled for many as the deaths keeps on rising. Some nations have adopted for a tell-people policy but guidelines keeps getting flouted as gatherings continue to happen, irrespective of others dying all around the world.

Hamilton, himself, had a scare of getting COVID-19 after he attended a event where Sophie Trudeau and Idris Elba were present, both were tested positive for it. So far, the British F1 racer has not tested himself as he has shown no symptoms for the virus.

He is self-isolating still and is in touch with his doctor. Hamilton noted that one of the reasons for not testing was the lack of kits available. With people still continuing to flout any guidelines set, the reigning champion took to social media to advise people.

Here’s what he said:

Here’s an additional message:

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