Lewis Hamilton is fine if Mercedes switches back to silver livery from black from F1 2022 because the main work of execution is already happening.

Having changed their livery to black as a symbol in support of inclusiveness and diversity, Mercedes is mulling a return to the silver base from 2022 onward. It is not firm or clear yet, but Toto Wolff hinted on it at the start of the 2021 season.

The black livery did not feature in last season in Formula E and could be gone on the F1 side, where the important factor is execution of their inclusiveness plan on ground. The Hamilton Commission and Mercedes already has a programme named ‘Ignite’.

The team also is working on its Accelerate 25 programme too with targets set. In fact, Hamilton didn’t think the livery would be retained for so long even. For him this is added bonus while they work behind the scenes to improve the situation.

And if Mercedes decides to go back to silver, Hamilton wouldn’t have any issues with it. “I don’t have a particular feeling towards it,” he said to written media. “To be honest, I am not involved in that particularly right now or next year. It is originally a silver arrows.

“When I asked if we could go to make the car black last year, in terms of the symbolism, and what we intend to do moving forward in terms of support, I wasn’t expecting it to last particularly long, and we carried it into a second season, which is awesome. If it goes back, it will be a nice change.

“It doesn’t deter us from the changes that we are making internally, as we continue to truly push for diversity, even working with all of our partners. Even the other day with UBS, we had these young kids come as we are trying to inspire the next generation of engineers from all different backgrounds. So, we’ve got a good programme going, so it doesn’t make a difference,” summed up Hamilton.

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