Guinness World Records presented McLaren F1 team with the fastest pit stop memento after visiting their Woking base in the UK.

After Red Bull broke the sub 2s barrier in F1 2019, McLaren further lowered the mark by 0.02s to set a new world record during the 2023 season. Red Bull had a set a 1.82s pit stop in 2019 Brazil GP and it took four years for another team to close to it even.

The McLaren pit crew completed a 1.80s pit stop for Lando Norris during Qatar GP which has set a new world record and it has been officiated by people from Guinness World Records, who visited the Woking base earlier this week to present them with a memento.

In fact, the 2023 F1 season saw four times that teams went below the 2s mark. McLaren did it twice, one for Norris and other with Oscar Piastri in Las Vegas with a time of 1.99s. Ferrari clocked a 1.93s pit stop in Qatar GP for Charles Leclerc.

Red Bull featured as well with a 1.98s pit stop in Hungarian GP for Sergio Perez. Even though McLaren had the fastest pit stop, it was Red Bull who took the overall trophy by scoring 543 points followed by Ferrari (468) and McLaren (418) in Top 3.

Here’s video of Guinness record:


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