Zhou Guanyu says Alfa Romeo is hoping to deliver a performance like Alexander Albon and Williams in second half of F1 2023.

It has been an up and down season for Alfa Romeo where they have had glimpses of points results but they haven’t been consistent enough. They were ahead until both Williams and Haas leapfrogged them due to Sauber’s inconsistency in the mid-phase.

While Haas haven’t been in the same league as Williams but they have managed to score enough points to match them. Guanyu is looking out for performances like Albon and Williams in the second half with the updates they are banking on.

“We’re aiming obviously to….at the beginning of the year we aim a little bit higher, to at least maintain trying to be P6, if not higher up, we clearly don’t achieve that,” said Guanyu. “But on the other hand, we were very close together with Williams, and also Haas, for the whole season and unfortunately got overtaken, so not ideal.

“The pressure is high, but I think the main focus is really to get more out of the package, you know, to be quicker in terms of developing more upgrades coming through the second half of the season. And it’s clear, you know, if we have the performance of the car, and we can develop or deliver what Alex or both Williams have been doing, they are extremely quick,” summed up Guanyu.

His teammate Valtteri Bottas concedes that Alfa Romeo hasn’t been able to match the targets they set out but the work is on behind the scenes. “Until this point of the season, we haven’t met the targets we set as a team and everyone accepts it and is working as hard as ever to get back up there but it is the situation now,” he said.

“We’re not satisfied with it but it is motivating to see that even with small gains you can make good progress. So yeah, again, progress, improvements:  that’s the key for the second half,” summed up Bottas.

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