Pierre Gasly is banking on the updates to come amid surge from McLaren as he adds on the new front wing that they have got.

Post the push from McLaren in F1 British GP, Alpine lost fifth to them after scoring a podium and fourth place where now they are ahead of the French out by 12 points after 10 rounds. Despite the upward movement, Gasly reckons that they have more at hand too.

He notes that the picture could be different in couple of races time when they have the updates. He also talks about the updates that Alpine brought about in the last few rounds which has helped them to gain pace in the races.

“Hopefully, in a couple of races time the picture will again look very different,” said Gasly to media. “We’ve got upgrades and I don’t think it’s the right thing looking at what others have done. We just need to make steps. And there is no secret.

“So we’ve got to improve our package. And that’s what we will all be working on. And we already got stuff coming in a couple of weeks. So hopefully it will make a difference. We were fighting with Aston, which were on the podium couple of races ago. So looking at that point of view, yes the front wing has worked.

“Looking at other cars, they opened the gap on us. So it depends what you’re really looking at. But I think there were some signs of pace. We’ll keep working and hopefully, we can get a reward next time,” summed up Gasly.

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