Pierre Gasly says there are still certain things that needs to be sorted for him to be 101% set with the Alpine F1 machinery.

The switch from AlphaTauri to Alpine for Gasly hasn’t been as smooth as he would have hoped for. Even though he has had some solid performances which includes a third place in Spa’s sprint race, he is still not 101% set with the car at the midway point.

Its been getting better for him as he is getting used to the things but he still needs certain things to be rectified. It is mostly on the balance side where he needs to be aligned for him to extract the maximum he can to secure points for Alpine.

In fact, he feels the balance at the start of the year was better for him than the recent races. And he knows it won’t be this year that they can fix all the problems. “A little bit,” started Gasly. “But there’s still like quite a few things missing to really suit my driving and stuff that I need to rely on and that I really want to kind of get from the car to naturally be at 101% every single lap.

“And at the moment there are certain things I want to do with the car which I can’t really get out of it, so it’s always stuff that we can work on. But you know, ultimately these years car is what it is, I think it’s mainly, in terms of feedback, the inputs are important for next year’s car, which I will have more input on. Like consistently trying to chase a bit that balance that I that I like from it.

“If anything, it felt slightly better balance at the start of the year, compared to in the recent events, so we need to figure out whether it’s upgrades related or track or tyres etc. But it’s yeah, there is some work to do. I think obviously the overall potential is not quite there compared to our competitors but there is, you know, it seems also quite… like to be quite fine, small window to really make it operate at its best. So it’s not easy, but F1 is not easy, and it’s good that we have a couple of weeks to review the start the year and I’m sure we’ll come back stronger for the rest of the year,” summed up Gasly.

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