Pierre Gasly says he will raise questions about F1 Singapore GP decision of no penalty to Max Verstappen for impeding.

It wasn’t a weekend that Red Bull’s Verstappen hoped for in F1 Singapore GP, but the Dutchman did escape grid penalties after three impeding investigations. The one with Logan Sargeant was cleared with no further action but the other two wasn’t.

He was handed a reprimand for blocking cars in the pitlane and impeding Yuki Tsunoda on track. The no grid penalty raised some eyebrows especially from Alpine’s Gasly who has been on the receiving end of multiple penalties for impeding cases.

He also talked about the aggression from Kevin Magnussen which he kind of overlooked due to end results but the lack of consistency on impeding side confused him. “Make it black and white because it’s… I was pretty surprised in qualifying and in the race,” said Gasly to media. “I don’t fully understand the regulation.

“I read the regulations, I know the regulations, but then it doesn’t always translate to what happens on the track. It might be the way I look at things, I don’t know. I’ll have a discussion because to me it’s just, I don’t fully understand. I’m not going to… question more, etc, but I’ve had tough decisions against me with six places penalty in Barcelona this year for impeding and, it was definitely way less than what I’ve seen in qualifying.

“Maybe now this is allowed, I don’t know, I’ll ask,” summed up Gasly. Ferrari chief Frederic Vasseur hinted on discussions as well when asked about the lack of severe penalty. “We will discuss about this later on,” he said, as Verstappen noted that he had good explanation at the stewards meet in Singapore and every case is different to the other.

“I had very good explanations and reasoning to what I did and not every case is the same,” stated Verstappen. It is not clear at the moment but the topic could be raised in this weekend’s drivers’ briefing if Gasly wants more clear answers about it.

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