Formula E will debut a new qualifying format from next year onward as it shares its revised calendar, while WRC firms up its rally dates too.

After complaints regarding the old qualifying format, Formula E has come up with new knockout style format – a bit more complicated than its predecessor. In simple terms, it is more based on a ‘World Cup’ games format, with a head-to-head finals.

Drivers will be divided into two groups as per their championship positions (apart from Round 1), where 11 each will get a free run of 10 minutes to set one lap on 220 kw power level. Four best from each group will then proceed to the knockout quarter final round.

The drivers of either group will be pitted against each other to set the best time on 250 kw power level, with winners of each round to make up the four semi-finalists. Two finalists will emerge with the winner of that to be named as Formula E pole-sitter.

The one to lose out will start on the front-row and the rest of the Top 8 will end up as per their times set in the round they were knocked out. The drivers from winner’s group will line-up on the odd position, while the front-row starter’s group on even side.

Apart from the qualifying change, the race format will see a time addition instead of power reduction to compensate for the time loss under Full Course Yellow and or Safety Car period. For every minute, 45s will be added to the time, but only until 40th minute.

If there is a FCY and or SC after the 40th minute of the race, there won’t be any extra addition. Moving on to the Formula E calendar, there is now a TBC for Round 3 on a new date of March 5, with the South African event from February 26 now removed and the TBD of June 4 has been filled by a race in Indonesia in Jakarta.

Moving on the WRC calendar, after they released some of the venues for the 2022 season, the FIA WMSC has firmed up the dates and further rounds. The season will kick-off with the Monte Carlo rally on January 21-23, with Sweden on February 25-27.

With the snow events done, WRC will move to Croatia (subject to confirmation from ASN) on April 22-24, with Portugal on May 20-22, Italy on June 3-5, Kenya on June 24-26, Estonia on July 15-17 and Finland on August 5-7.

There is  TBD on August 19-21, with Greece next on September 9-11, New Zealand (subject to Event Promotions agreement). on September 30 – October 2, Spain on October 21-23 and Japan on November 11-13.

Here’s full decision from FIA WMSC:

Here’s the last detail on Formula E and WRC