The FIA has formally warned Toto Wolff and Frederic Vasseur for the language used during the F1 Las Vegas GP official press conference.

After FP1 was cancelled on Thursday/Friday in F1 Las Vegas GP, Ferrari team boss Vasseur was naturally upset as Carlos Sainz suffered a damage which not only earned him a penalty for no fault of his but added pressure on mechanics and external cost too in repair.

Vasseur was visibly upset and was in no mood during the official FIA press conference where he showed his disappointment at the situation in a different style to how is known for. He was not happy how it was handled until then especially on penalty side.

Even though it was not on them but the FIA noted that they had no way to cancel Sainz’s penalty. Even until the end of the weekend, Vasseur stuck to his guns that the governing body perhaps didn’t handle the situation well with discussions to happen.

His displeasure in the press conference was noted by the FIA and they have formally warned him for his behaviour as a senior figure in the paddock. It was a breach of Article 12.2.1.f of the FIA International Sporting Code.

The breach was: “Based on the submission from the FIA, the FIA regards language of this type to be unacceptable moving forward, particularly when used by participants in the sport who have a high public profile and who are seen by many, especially younger, followers of the sport, as role models, and that in future the FIA will not tolerate the use of such language in FIA forums by any stakeholder.”

And the FIA’s decision to leave with a formal warning was due to: “In this case, the Team Principal was extremely upset and frustrated by the incident that had occurred in FP1 and that language such as this, by him, was not usual.”

On Mercedes’ Wolff’s side, he voiced a strong opinion against a journalist who interrupted him while answering about Las Vegas GP debacle. The FIA also tagged him under the same breach and eventually left him off with a formal warning like Vasseur.

They noted: “Based on the submission from the Team Principal, the use of the language concerned was in this case unusual and was provoked by an abrupt interjection during the Press Conference and therefore cannot be regarded as typical from this Team Principal.”

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