F1 Unscripted hosted Ferrari chief Mattia Binotto, who spoke about his time with the team since the start, Michael Schumacher years, current time, future and more.

After Mark Webber’s August episode of F1 Unscripted, September brought about a new episode, this one with Ferrari’s Binotto, who began the 20-minute installment by engaging in conversation on the matter of his journey to the top of Ferrari.

Binotto explained how he climbed the ladder within Ferrari, going from promotion to promotion until 2018, when he stepped up to the team principal position. The Italian touched upon his time in the team’s engine department, and when pressed further about this period, he spoke to the complexity of modern engines, and the importance of a good F1 power unit.

Both Binotto and the host David Coulthard relived memories of their various altercations throughout their respective careers, wherein the latter had collisions with the Michael Schumacher, who worked with the Italian at Ferrari. Most notable among these, at Spa in 1998.

The 50-year-old stressed the meaning of Ferrari’s 1000th GP, which was run at Mugello, and the support that the F1 team over which he governs enjoys from Italian fans. Binotto also later spoke on the novel challenge he faces in working with partners.

Binotto also answered a question on how much more difficult it has become to find an advantage in the area of car performance, in what he described as a highly competitive environment. In a similar vein, he spoke to the extent to which relationships among his peers are contentious in such an environment.

On a hypothetical note, Binotto answered what two drivers from Ferrari’s past he might choose when constructing a ‘dream team’. Naturally, Schumacher was one selection, though he did not list a second – overlooking many other solid drivers.

This talk of Ferrari’s dominance with Schumacher prompted Coulthard to ask what win of the team’s victories stands out to him, and Binotto replied with two, these being Monza 2019 with Charles Leclerc, and Spa 1996 – his first F1 win.

From this point, he discussed Mugello, and the team’s future, particularly with Carlos Sainz from 2021 onwards, and their plans to begin their 2022 development from January this year — the earliest possible point. On the note of drivers, he also discussed the Ferrari driver academy, and the young talents rising the ranks within it.

Here’s the full video:

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