F1 has revealed initial details of a seven-part docu series with Sky Sports and NBCUniversal celebrating the 70th Anniversary.

In the sport’s 70th Grand Prix season, F1 have celebrated their storied past, albeit under unique circumstances, and part of these celebrations will include a seven-part docu-series in collaboration with Sky Sports and NBCUniversal.

Details are scarce, but it is known from the F1 press release that the series, called ‘Race to Perfection’, will include a host of interviews with various figures of the sport, as well as archived and never-before-seen footage.

What remains unclear is the exact release date, and just how the series might air in regions other than the UK, where it is known that Sky Sports – the F1 faction of which produced the series – will be the sole broadcaster. They have NBCUniversal Global Distribution which should distribute in other platforms.

F1 released a trailer for the series, which has already been likened to their Netflix series Drive to Survive, that chronicles the events of each Formula 1 season. The series is immensely popular on the streaming service, and fans would be looking forward to this new documentary, which seems like will go on air in September.

The Race to Perfection series will include:

  • Rarely seen and never-before-seen archive footage
  • 40+ exclusive interviews with some of F1’s biggest names
  • A fresh perspective to the history of the popular sport

Scott Young, Director of Sky Sports F1, said: “Formula 1 is an iconic sport with rich history, ever-changing as technology has rapidly developed over the last seven decades. We’re delighted to partner with F1 and produce seven programmes to tell that story in full detail.

“It’s a time to remember the storylines and glory of the past but also look ahead to the future. Our partnership with F1 over the next five years will give customers exclusive access as that captivating story continues to unfold.”

Meanwhile, Ian Holmes, Director of Media Rights Formula 1 added: “We are incredibly excited to be collaborating with Sky and creating an exclusive docuseries which showcases the sport across the ages and celebrates our rich heritage in motorsport. Fans will be able to witness on a global scale some of our oldest footage brought back to life though the docuseries and give fans a real insight into the history of F1 to mark our 70th anniversary.”

Here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuX7tdDcsy8

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