The second episode of F1 Nation podcast is out with guests like Sir Jackie Stewart and Alain Prost as they discussed about history, current generation and more.

  • Like episode one, it began with the two hosts discussing things that have caught their interest, and the first topic from Alex Jacques was ESports, and specifically, the incidents between Alexander Albon and George Russell, as well as the Virtual GP at Interlagos.
  • The second was Tom Clarkson chatting about his experience talking with Daniil Kvyat on F1 Beyond The Grid podcast, and how that conversation with the Russian went.
  • Then, Stewart joined the podcast via Zoom, and he discussed a wide range of topics, beginning with how modern F1 compares to its 1960s counterpart, with the biggest difference being greater comrade among drivers, which he felt lessened when deaths became decreasingly common.
  • Jackie then answered an inquiry from Clarkson about the biggest challenge of racing in those days – according to the man himself, who raced and won back then, this was by far and away racing at the Nurburgring.
  • After this, he moved on to answering a question about the mind of a racing driver, and how it operates, particularly in the face of a tragedy such as death – he also said that due to the safety in F1 nowadays, drivers take more liberties than they would have in the past.
  • The Brit then spoke about the now-infamous question he posed to Ayrton Senna about the Brazilian causing an excess of accidents and the equally famous response he received.
  • Stewart then noted Jim Clark as the best driver he raced against. He also spoke about Juan Manuel Fangio in similar way. They discussed about Stewart-Ford and the 1999 European GP victory at the hands of Johnny Herbert. They joked of the Brit winning 28 races which includes the constructor victory.
  • The discussion between Clarkson and Jacques went towards the poll F1 is running where they are pegging personalities under ‘Most Influential’ in the sport with journalist David Tremayne voicing his opinion as they went on to talk about various races and missed chances for several drivers.
  • Rosanna Tennant joined in as she spoke with Prost, who discussed his lockdown routine. Since he is half-French and half-Armenian, this is why he is reading as much about his other side. He said the 1986 title was his best one.
  • Prost talked about his generation of racing plus also the drivers he raced against and the family bonding with most as he added about his teammates too. The Challenge Rosanna was also completed in between when she got him to say ‘Professor’, when he relayed the story as to why he is called like that.
  • Prost opened about the 2020 season where he put a question mark on the midfield as he reckoned Racing Point to be competitive.

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