Max Verstappen reckoned the latest row regarding Legends Parade in F1 Austrian GP between Christian Horner and Jos could have been avoided.

What started in the winter of F1 2024, spiraled to the first few races as well between Horner and J Verstappen. It soaked in Helmut Marko as well which publicised the internal politics at Red Bull which was further fueled by Horner’s Whatsapp fiasco.

The alleged case against Horner is not over per se despite the clearance, and the row between him and J Verstappen is far from over as well. It re-ignited in public after the Dutchman was seemingly disallowed from taking part in the Legends Parade.

J Verstappen claimed it was Horner’s call to throw him out and even though the promoters requested the Dutchman, he eventually turned down the offer. The Red Bull chief didn’t wish to discuss it whole-heartedly when asked in the press conference.

In the middle of all this, M Verstappen has heard both the sides and even though he understands it, he feels that this row in public could have been avoided. “Well, I mean, actually, of course, it’s not nice,” he said. “I think not for myself, not for my dad, not for Christian, not for the team. Of course, you know, you don’t want these things to happen. I think, yeah, my dad has been quite clear about the reason behind it.

“And of course, I can understand his opinion on that, because at the end of the day he gets asked to drive the car, finds out that he’s not wanted to drive the car. Well, my dad, actually, he doesn’t care about driving the car, but he got asked and they said, please, you know, do it for the fans, the Dutch fans, blah, blah, blah.

“Red Bull, we have a great relationship with, you know, home track. So I understand. And the other hand, you know, I’m here, of course, to focus on the performance side of things. So I want a good relationship with everyone. But of course, this scenario could have been avoided,” summed up Verstappen.

Marko, meanwhile, threw some light on why the two don’t get along as much. “I would describe it as we call it in German: ‘kindergarten’. Unnecessary, and I am a little bit unhappy that it came to the public,” he said to Viaplay, as he wishes that the row is settled considering the threat from McLaren.

“First of all, Jos is not an easy character and Christian doesn’t understand or accept that Jos is Jos. He won’t change him and he does what he believes is right. If it’s right or not, it’s another question.”

Having secured the spring win and also pole, Horner is focusing on the grand prix and on-track fight rather than what happens off it. “To be honest with you, as soon as we cross that line into the garage, everything’s normal,” he said to Sky Sports F1.

“Whatever the noise is, as soon as everybody’s in the garage, everybody knows what their job is, and everybody’s focused on one goal. We’ve got a fantastic team. Max is the best driver in the world and showing quite clearly why, and I think the way he handles himself as well, he’s just grown as a human being.”

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