Yuki Tsunoda was aligned with Red Bull and Visa Cash App RB to re-sign for F1 2025, but he was happy to have others interested in him.

Despite some interest from others, it was always looking likely that Tsunoda will stay with Visa Cash App RB for 2025 F1 season, thereby staying in the Red Bull and Honda family. It was the Japanese driver’s intention as well, with the stability around.

After difficult initial seasons, Tsunoda has improved overall. It isn’t enough for a Red Bull seat, but good enough to be with the sister outfit. It is still a confidence signing early on, especially against a veteran teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Tsunoda says he was aligned with both Red Bull and Visa Cash App RB in their goals. While a multi-year deal was good to sign, but he is still fine to have the one year especially since it will be the last season with Honda providing power units to the teams.

“Being able to clear, it up clears up my mind,” said Tsunoda. “In the end, VCARB is performing well. This is a team I’m scoring points with, a lot, and it would be sad going to a team and seeing that VCARB has ended up in a nice position. Red Bull and Honda have always been part of my career.

“Me and Red Bull, we’re all aligned on the current situation for myself, for the future. I’ll just keep focusing on what I’m doing. I’m very happy that I’m able to support this team for this big project. Regarding the length, it is tricky, but I got used to it. Maybe it’s a good team to train the pressure. In the end, in Formula 1, you need to perform.

“You want to be world champion, you need to deal with pressure, and anyway you have to always be the best. I still have a lot of things I can improve for myself. It’s okay,” summed up Tsunoda, who had revealed that there was some interest from outside the Red Bull quarters for him, which was a testament to how much he has improved.

That sort of thing helps in negotiation too, where he can ask for more money. “The good thing was that, I also had a couple of options from the others and which was growing,” recalled Tsunoda. “It is a good thing that I’m able to grow my value as well and at the same time, especially like this interesting drivers’ market for 2025.

“As I said I am happy with the Red Bull family. But this year was kind of interesting, especially having value from others which gave flexible parts or flexible room to negotiate something. I think like this much yeah for sure. I mean it was a good thing,” sumed up Tsunoda, who reckons he is a lot more calmer now than before.

“I think so, yeah,” he said. “I think so. I started to feel more benefits from that consistency, without that kind of controlling my emotions. And I’m happy with it. So far, I think probably that thing is helping my results. So, it’s just good what I’m doing. I mean, obviously still sometimes, but I became a lot more calm.”

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