Lance Stroll wants to continue to be part of Aston Martin F1 project, as he and Mike Krack talk about the updates and how they sit at the moment.

While it more or less given that Stroll will continue with Aston Martin considering the F1 team is owned by his father Lawrence, they still have to give an official communication about it which is yet to happen in the Canadian’s case.

Fernando Alonso has already sorted his future and there were some rumbles that Stroll might think about leading the Aston Martin’s WEC project, but as of now, all eyes are on F1 still. Both he and Krack reckon there could be some communication about it.

“That’s where my head’s at, for sure,” said Stroll. “Driver contract seems to be a pretty popular question that I’ve been getting asked recently. And yeah, it’s super exciting. Everything that’s happening at Silverstone and the project with the team and how we’ve grown over the last few years. And we continue to grow.

“So it’s definitely in my mind, too, continue being a part of that.” Meanwhile, Krack added: “He has communicated the same to me. I think we are in a good exchange for this situation. We know that Aston Martin is Lance’s home. There’s already enough going on. And I think soon we will have to communicate something.”

As much as Aston Martin has pushed forward in recent times, it hasn’t been as consistent as they would like it to be. Last year, they started handsomely but faltered as the updates didn’t materialise as they expected it to. The start of 2024 has been similar.

They have been there and thereabouts where both Alonso and Stroll note that the focus is on understanding the package and fine tuning the areas which is causing the problems. The race pace has been better than the qualifying pace but the competition is huge.

“I mean, it’s definitely been the tendency… It was the tendency last year,” said Stroll. “We were always fighting top five, and then again this year, I think we were quick over one lap at the beginning of the year, suffered a little bit more with deg, but we were still kind of top five, top seven range.

“And now we’re kind of scrapping for a point or two on a good weekend, which is not what we want as a team. I think we definitely do understand our issues. I think we understand some of the decisions, directions that we’ve chosen to follow through with. We know some of the mistakes that we’ve made.

“And now it’s just a matter of sorting ourselves out and putting some new upgrades on the car going forward that address some of these issues that we know we have. But it’s not an overnight fix. Realistic expectations, it’s going to be over the course of, I hope, not too many races, but definitely a few races.

“And yeah, but there’s still a lot of racing left. There’s still, I think, 13 or 14 races left, if I’m not mistaken. So long season, but we have some work to do,” summed up Stroll, as Krack added on the problems that Aston Martin is facing at the moment.

“The car is quite tough to drive, and we have not managed to cure that so far,” he said. “So what we need is a car more benign, easier to extract potential, give them more confidence. And we had something like that in the past, and that was much, much easier for the drivers. If you lack confidence in your car, then you cannot go to the maximum.

“You have to take margin and you are much more exposed to these small gaps that we are having these days. And then you can end up on the wrong side of it. And then you start a race much, much further back and there is no point. So it’s up to us to fix these issues. You asked me how long. I would be happy if I could tell you in two races we have fixed everything. We’re working hard on it to cure these problems and we’re trying to bring these updates as quick as possible.”

Here’s Fernando Alonso, Lance Stroll on double points

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