Formula 2 racer Sergio Canamasas has broken his silence to reveal why he abruptly ended his motor racing career last year after the Hungaroring event.

After four seasons in GP2, the veteran junior racer started his 2017 F2 season with Trident and made a switch to Rapax after the first four rounds. His move worked as he recorded his best result of the 2017 season in fourth at Silverstone with Rapax.

The following Hungaroring weekend though didn’t go well where he retired from both the races, which eventually became his last outing in any motor racing series. He was replaced by a returning Roberto Merhi, without any intimation as to why he was not racing.

The Spanish driver also remained silent for a year since leaving F2, but broke his silence at the end of July last month. Not explaining much, he revealed he left motorsport due to the bad behaviour of the security personnel and unprofessionalism from a FIA doctor.

He describes the incident as ‘pathetic and miserable’ which almost cost his father’s life and that was the day he decided to not race anymore, as to him his ‘family came first’ than racing cars.

“One year ago today, I almost lost my father when I was racing because of the bad behavior of the security, and then for the bad attitude and professionalism of the doctor at Hungarian GP and FIA, F1. It couldn’t be worse, was pathetic and miserable. Since then I stopped racing.”

Since last year in August 23, Canamasas has remained quiet on Twitter where he had been out-spoken all-through his career. Between then and now, he has only tweeted thrice on March 20, May 25 and eventually July 30.

When contacted Canamasas since the announcement, the 30-year-old chose not to add anything more to his statement on Twitter, for now.