Stake F1 Team will have to use its second name in select rounds in 2024, as Alessandro Alunni Bravi elaborates on its new identity.

Due to the nature of the business that Stake is involved in, Sauber will have to use a second name during the course of the 2024 F1 season where any company associated with gambling or betting cannot be promoted with that particular name.

And Bravi has noted about that during the launch event. Considering that Sauber has used ‘Kick’ in its chassis name and also team name, they will alternate with it in 2024. “As you know, last year we alternated two different names according to the different countries where we go racing,” said Bravi.

‘We will be fully complying with all the local applicable laws and where Stake is prohibited, so gambling advertising is prohibited, we will use a different name. As last year, we have Kick as one of our most important partners – our chassis name is a Kick Sauber – so where we are not going to race as Stake F1 Team, we will use a second team name.”

“The team’s name in Formula 1 depends on many different elements, including commercial partnerships. So our new team identity is not that we forget Sauber. We are the Sauber group, we are a solid group of people working together, but we present ourselves in the F1 community with a new team identity for the next two seasons.

“This is important for us, it is not just a commercial partnership but it is the way we want to approach the F1 world, where creativity, innovation and ingenuity are part of our marketing strategy. This is also important to provide the team with all the means and resources to approach the next two seasons that will see ourselves in a strong transformation process.

“It’s not that we forget Sauber – we are the Sauber Group – but our team in F1 is Stake F1,” summed up Bravi, who elaborated on the new age running of a F1 team keeping marketing on the forefront alongside performance. The social media age has made the running of racing teams in a different manner.

There is more need of fan attention and reach out with transparency. “First of all, it was important for us that this new identity if clear everywhere and we have created this mantra of ‘unleashed’. We have translated this into every area, in all the team assets, starting first of all with the colour scheme which is unique in Formula 1 and not used by any other team, because we want to have a distinguished approach in every area.

“Secondly, we really want to show that there is a new team identity, and not something similar to the old Suaber era or using colours that were similar to the previous six years. We went for a 360-degree approach in every area for the new team identity, but it is also on our social media platforms, a new way to communicate in different languages, so it has been a holistic approach.

“For us, the colour is one element, but not all, and a testament of intent is also that we decided to have a car launch that is more an event, a show to better communicate our vision and what we want to do. During the season, we will use brand ambassadors, and have a lot of activations together with partners of Stake, or brand ambassadors of Stake.

“You will see Everton football players coming to races, having cross-marketing activities and of course it is a new language. We really want to expand our fan-base, and I think this will also be beneficial for Formula 1, and we want to use all the tools that Formula 1 is using to expand our audience,” summed up Bravi.

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